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Thread: Oh gawd. i need help fast.

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    Oh gawd. i need help fast.

    O.K. So here's the story. I tried to hack my Wii but that didnt turn out well, as in it didnt work. So now i tried to format it to get rid of the stuff and that didnt work. Now, I'm just basically trying to get out of my situation. (Yes, I know I'm in a pickle)

    or.... could someone please just tell me to restore my Wii to make it completely brand new? without the hacks and stuff.

    I would really appreciate a easy to read/comprehend/use instructions to remove this problem from my wii.

    Thanks very much if you guys solve it.

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    Go post in the Introduction Site as we ask "new" users (you must've been a lurker til now). No point in virginizing, ask and you'll receive some helpful links to get it sorted.

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