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Thread: Post A Picture Of Yourself

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    Pics of youuuu

    We aren't just robots on the other end of a computer.. So let's see what all you handsome devils look like. I'll put mine up if people start to post theirs, because im not going to be the only twat who has a picture on, especially not if it's one of me drunk -.-
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    lol. I will probably be the only one.

    Don't have many of me, I always seem to be the one taking the pictures.

    Anyway here's one of me, little bit tipsy at a celebration in my Cousin's garden in 2006.

    Funnily enough it was at this party that I first heard of the Wii. I've put a bit of weight on since then too, hmm.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Yea, all mine are on facebook. go to the wiihacks facebook group and see if you can find me. lol
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    lol Tealc, you even look like a sarcastic person!

    Here's a photoshopped one of me, bit of a cheat really. It's an old pic too:

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    Couldn't let Tealc be the only one ha ha
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    Heh so hammered.. I'm on the far left.
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    lmao I thought that you would have been ummm.... darker tealc lol. As for RGJR77 you look just like your avatar.

    I'm the one on the right.
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    Heres me in my Corona hat I got on new years eve

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    I lol here at you will post mine as soon as I get home

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