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Thread: I am really lost ! :(

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    I am really lost ! :(

    This is what happened:

    I stupidly updated to 4.0 once after getting angry at not getting a wiiware game to work. Then i don't touch my wii until today. I tried mario galaxy with neogamma loader and it worked perfect. I then tried my copy of Monster Hunter Tri. I looked up how to fix the error i was receiving ( buzzing sound when starting ). It told me to install two wads. Well I got a ret 2011 error when I tried installing them so I consulted the forums. After getting halfway through of this tutorial. I realized I had messed up. After deleting cios249 and 250 I was stuck with cios36? I think.It was on step 9. I really don't know what to do. If there was a way to start over I would just do it. I have been trying to get it working for hours.

    IS there a way to start over from a virgin wii?
    If i reformat will it wipe the cios?
    If I upgrade to 4.2 will it include all the files I would need to just do the tutorial from their?

    I hope some one can point me in the right direction

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    Make a post in the Introduction Section of the site --- something this site's terms and conditions mandates. You'll get a link to an in-depth search tutorial, something you are desperately needing (as MH3 and if you mean SMG2 --- there are Recommended Guides for those).

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    Did you ask in the forum where you got the guide from? It isn't a wihacks guide after all.
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