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Thread: Softmod Problems (Not Different than the ordinary)

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    Softmod Problems (Not Different than the ordinary)

    I'm trying to run downloaded games on my Wii. I have the right cIOS and the homebrew channel is up and running. I also have usb loader working, so my problems do not lie there.

    The dilemma is that I try to unrar the files on my external hd an error message always pops up. (I have a mac, P.S.) I have downloaded multiple games, and tried multiple unrar-ers. All give me different messages and different problems.

    The one time I did get a game to unrar (the new mario bros), I did it on my computer. When it came down to getting on the external, the file was obviously too big to transfer to the FAT.

    I am so close I can smell it, but I just cant figure out what the hell is going on.

    Thanks a lot guys for your help

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    follow the usb guide in my sig.

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    I used the link Junkmail provided to format my HDD also, that way you don't have to split any file greater than 4GB (rare as they are). I would suggest a partition of fat 32 for storage of media, files, programs and such. Try google for a mac compatable version of wbfs intelligent GUI. You can extract the iso from the rar/zipped files directly to a properly formatted HDD using it.

    Try posting Here for some great links, answers to most new user questions, as well as our rules and regulations.

    Welcome to Wiihacks BTW
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