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Thread: newbie jumped in too soon

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    newbie jumped in too soon

    OK well it took me almost 5 days to brick my wii. I have been trying to unbrick for about a week. i plan on sending it back paying the 75 bucks and going to buy a refurb for a spare. What i would like to know what is the bare minimum I need to get the new one going, nothing fancy or dangerous and just playing. I Know I blew it by adding to much useless crap. I Already have a 500G drive about 150 games. that is enough and will burn my own in the future. Believe me I have been reading for weeks, and know some precautions. I would just like advice on minimum play, maximum protection from some with a lot more experience and wisdom than myself. Thanks for any and all help.

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    You need to softmod to play backups (use one of our guides), and you can run just about any homebrew apps. Other than that the other stuff is optional, and some things come with a degree of risk. Best to read all the warnings ( we post them in bright red text everytime) when doing something unusual.


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