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Thread: Installing Whiite Linux. Gets to searching for usb drive and fails

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    Installing Whiite Linux. Gets to searching for usb drive and fails

    Okay. Forum list... HUGE. My brain... not that huge. I can write code in 3 different languages but I still can't figure out which topic specific forum this goes in. I figured either custom apps or homebrew apps but I couldn't be sure... so it's here.

    I tried the search function with both simple and complex syntax, I searched the recommended and not so recommended faq forums. Please help me or shoot me. doesn't matter which.

    I'm trying to install linux. I used Bannerbomb to install the homebrew channel. hb channel works as a bootloader so I'm clear there.

    I backed up and reformatted my 8G SDHC card, reformatted a 256mb flash drive (files are only 76 mb after extraction) put the apps folder at root on the sd card, unzipped the debian and kernel .tar.bz2, and the installer.config file at the root of the usb. I plugged both into my wii along with a usb keyboard.

    Loaded the app via homebrew. Got into it to the point where it gives me the yes or no prompt. hit yes and got a message stating that there was no usb drive inserted or some such nonsense.

    I've tried this with two usb drives. one of which may or may not be vanilla usb and the other one of which is definitely USB 2.0.

    I'm tearing my hair out. Literally. It took me 1 hour to figure out how to get the hb channel installed. It's taken me over 12 to figure out linux. and I'm still at square one. If somebody could please either tell me what I need to make this work or drop this in the forum where it belongs and send me an email with a working link to it, I would greatly appreciate it.

    alternatively, if somebody could point me at a linux distribution for the wii that installs exclusively from the SD card I would appreciate it.


    I'm a windows user (puke) so I don't have access to stuff that would allow me to do a manual installation by setting up the partitions on the SD card and loading the files myself.
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