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Thread: Please Help - "Sundriver Not Detected"

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    Please Help - "Sundriver Not Detected"


    I installed a 120gb hd with the sundriver into my Wii.
    When I hook up the Wii to my computer with the USB, I can turn the Wii on (as indicated by the power led) and the Sundriver LED turns on, but Windows is recognizing it as an unformatted drive (it is FAT right now I think).
    The Sundriver LED is blue, until I tell Windows to ignore the new drive it detects, at which point the Sundriver LED turns RED.
    Using the Sundriver Programmer app, it is telling me that the Sundriver is not detected...
    Can anybody please help me out? What could I have done wrong? Did I miss a step?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The Sundriver cannot be accessed through Windows only through the Sundriver App.Download the manual in my sig and pay attention to the app install part.

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    Thank you so much for replying. That helped out a lot, I am using Windows 7, and didn't know I had to change the compatibility of the app to Windows XP.

    I have a new problem now, I hope you can help.
    I am on the step where I am to Initialize the SunDriver storage media. Where the "Wii Mode" button should be it is instead a "Format" button. I figured, maybe I need to do this before the "Wii Mode" button is displayed, I press it, get the warning that this operation erases all data present. Once I get past that, I get an error saying that "Reading To SunDriver failed"

    Why would I be getting this msg?

    Thanks again.
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    Im not sure on that error you are getting.Is the Sundriver now detected?,Have you installed the NGC Menu v0.1 app as well as programmer app?Have you set all switches on front of Sundriver to the right as you view it from the front wii slot as if it was installed?
    If sundriver app is detecting sundriver ok just make sure settings are as manual and copy isos to it. The wii mode button was used in earlier version of Sundriver app.

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    Hmm, well, I was just following the directions from the manual you advised me to check out, and stopped when I got to that spot I described. The Sundriver App appears to be detecting the the hardware just fine (the app says it detects it). I have not installed the NGC Menu...
    Should I skip the Wii Mode/Format section and move on? The switches are all turned the right.

    I was thinking maybe I was getting the error because when I prepared the hard drive I erased all the data on it (in OSX - in FAT format. I didn't create a partition or anything. It used to be used as an external HD for back-ups) and installed it into the Wii with the Sundriver hardware... Does it need to be formatted differently for the hardware/software to read it?

    I am going to try to put an .iso on it tomorrow, I guess I will just continue along the pdf manual instructions and see what happens.
    I appreciate your help.
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    Try and format hard drive on windows pc first and then install NGC Menu with Sundriver App.

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    DracUK, thank you so much for you help.
    I got it all working. I actually went and downloaded the SunDriver App v2.0 (was using 2.04 before) and had no problems. Got the NGC Menu on, and was able to load a game.
    However when I try to access it with the Wii it says "Unable to read the disc"
    I thought I read that Mario Bros Wii was supposed to work. I am going to try to download a different game in the meantime and see if that will work.
    I am pretty happy though, that the SunDriver appears to be working. Looking forward to playing some games!
    Thanks again!

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    I noticed my Wii is on v4.2U (not sure what the U is)
    Is this going to cause me not to play all games? I noticed you mentioned in another thread that being at 4.2 would mean I cannot play other region games, I am not too worried about that, as most games I will be playing will be ones released in US.
    Is there an easy way to downgrade my Wii version? I would only likely do this if absolutely necessary.

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    Hi, The U stands for usa region and yes you will only be able to play US games on 4.2U.The 4.2 system menu was Nintendos move to stop people playing out of region games.Its not worth downgrading from 4.2 to 4.1 as its very risky and could render your wii useless.( although it is possible)
    Mario Bros game was a problematic game when first released and there are a lot of bad isos about,it will run on Sundriver if you can find a decent iso from NTSC U region in your case.

    Good Luck

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    Yeah. This is getting pretty frustrating.
    I have tried 3 .iso's (one of them said NTSC USA) for that game, and I either get a "unable to read the disc" or the screen goes black and I get white text that says there was a problem and to eject the disc and look at the Wii manual.
    I tried downloading Mario Kart and I also get "unable to read the disc"

    I notice a lot of people who have Sundriver also softmodded their Wii... Is that going to be advantageous for me?
    I really don't understand why I am having so many issues with this. It's like every time I get step closer to this working, something else goes wrong.

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