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Thread: Usb loader gx glitch with SSBB

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    Usb loader gx glitch with SSBB


    I'm running 4.2e, usb loader gx(latest update)as a channel not homebrew app.
    I'm also using a 500 gb seagate drive formatted in wbsf.
    i used shadow sonic's intall guide.

    earlier today i updated cios249-r14 to cios249-r17 and installed hermes cios222/223 so i could add my Super Smash Bro's Brawl disc to the hdd. After installing the cios's I ran a game as a test and it seemed to be work perfectly as usual.
    after testing i added SSBB to the hard drive then played the game loading it with cios 222 and it worked fine for an hour or so.
    I then tried to play another game but it seemed all my iso's had become corrupt so i re added the games. I then played on for a while, with no problems.
    About 20 mins ago i went to load SSBB again but when i click on the title to load SSB usb loader gx freezes and i can't access anything.

    Is there anything i can do to stop this from freezing?

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    Could be a bad iso

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    Sounds more like a HD setup issue; I wonder if the OP followed Gen3SF's guide here?

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    Op.... is that refering to me?
    Okaay So should i reformat my hard drive and reinstall all games. All i did was plug the hdd into the wii and when i launched usb loader gx it formatted. this is the second time i'e had corrupt iso's though
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