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Thread: Bootmii as Boot2 instead of IOS

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    Bootmii as Boot2 instead of IOS

    Hi all

    Just starting out in modding my Wii, and am very wary of bricking it. My box is a 4.2e and I've installed a Wasabi DX but I'm also using ShadowSonic's excellent guide to softmod it.

    The Bootmii installer has identified that it can only be installed as an IOS which I've gone ahead and done. Once the box is modded is there anyway to change this so that the bootmii can be re-installed as boot2 for the added brick protection ?


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    Unfortunately, No. To install bootmii as boot2, your Wii must have a 'vulnerable' boot1. Unfortunately, unlike boot2, boot1 is Read Only and can NOT be changed/deleted/modified. This means you would have to a vulnerable boot1 Wii from the factory.


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