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Thread: Your Drive Pins are most likely cut.??!

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    Your Drive Pins are most likely cut.??!

    i checked my wii version in this site (Nintendo-Scene's WiiTracker)
    then its said:
    Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B.

    Your Drive Pins are most likely cut.

    whats that mean?
    and whats important can i softmod my wii?
    ty all
    my Serial number:LEH123457234

    i bought it from israel :P

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    I have that exact drive chip. mine is softmodded and hardmodded. Cutting a few key pins on the drive chip was a nintendo quickfix from way back to try to stop us from modding it so easily. It didn't work out for them to say the least. In fact the d2b is one of the most desirable drives to have, for those who want to hardmod in existence. Not that any of that matters as any drive chip version can be softmodded. Only the very newest drives cannot read dvdr at all, so they'd have to be softmodded to only run game iso's from a usb drive instead of using burnt dvd's. You own an awesome wii drive for hacking and modding. It can most certainly have BootMii installed as boot2 also. Which you will absolutely want to do as one of the first things so that you can back up your nand in case you ever brick. It's a full restore of the nand. Have fun hacking it. Just be sure to do your research and use one of the tutorials in the recommended tutorial section here at wiihacks and you'll be all set.
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    wow thats a awesome thx


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