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Thread: fat32 partition not showing on 1tb in windows explorer

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    Us fat32 partition not showing on 1tb in windows explorer

    hi i bought a 1tb hdd and i formatted it to fat32 and then i partitioned it with sd/usb loader v1.5 to 500gig
    wbfs and 497gig fat32 and everytime i try to open it with windows explorer it just says needs to format i wanted to use the fat32 side for home brew or avi's but cant access it,any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

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    It's probably telling you to format your wbfs partition. Does it to me all the time. Open my computer and see if you can see your fat32 partition there.

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    nope same thing just asks me to format,is there any kinda program i can use to check it?cuz i know i formatted it to fat32 using swiss knife and used sd/usb loader to partition it???

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    Click the usb link in my sig and partition and format that way. Should work for you

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    thanks dood! i now have a ntfs drive that shows up in explorer im useing xp and suck no sucked at partitions now i can use triiforce wwoooooooooooooooooooooooo thanks bra!!

    2a. From the WinXP: Right click on My Computer> Go to Manage>Click on Disk Management
    2b. From Vista/Win7: Go to Control Panel> Administrative Tools>Computer Manager>Disk

    this is what i had to do.basicly i had to use disc manager to activate and partition the second half of my drive step by it reads now but only draw back is now it is ntfs cuz i couldnt format it to fat32 i tried useing swissknife but it keeps freezing up any suggestions,and thanks again

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    format partition

    partition wziard tech you how to do format partition;
    • First select a partition you would like to format. There are three ways to format a chosen partition:

      • a. Select Format in the menu Partition.
      • b. Click Format button in the Tool Bar.
      • c. Select the button Format Partition under the group Partition Operations in the Action Panel.
    • When using this function, you need to reset the drive letter and Cluster Size of the new partition. The scope of Cluster Size is 512 Bytes, 1KB, 2KB, 4KB, 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, 64 KB. We usually recommend you use the default size. When you use the default, Partition Wizard will work out the proper Cluster Size according to the size of the partition.


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