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    Us Help. Please

    I will apologize now if I make people mad about a repetitive post. I have a wii that has been modded by someone out of state. I can't get in contact with him anymore. I figure I might be able to do it myself. I have a wii with a usb hard drive attached many games. It looks like an update was run and Im at 4.2U now. My homebrew channel is no longer there, and when I try to go to the SD card, it says it can't be read. I loaded the SD Card to my PC and it says it cant be read and needs to be formatted. When I try to access the USB drive, I can't. But I can access it via my pc and wbfs manager. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Format your sd card and go through the 4.2 guide in my sig. Softmod again and your hard drive will be back up and running games and all as they were


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