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Thread: How much would my wii be worth?

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    How much would my wii be worth?

    I've got a Wii thats about two years old. I'm wanting to see how much you guys think I should sell it for. This is what I have. The Wii with 4 controllers. All controllers have rechargable batteries with the charger. Four nunchucks and two motion plus adaptors. Two guitar hero guitars w/game. Wii fit board w/game. GC controller. Drivekey chip for playing backups. It has 4.1U on it and homebrew. How much would you figure this would be worth?
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    It's hard to say. What number are you thinking in your head? I'd probably offer you $250 if it wasn't chipped. That may seem low, but I've purchased some really cheap Wii sets out there. I picked up a Wii with 2 controllers, nunchucks, Nyko gun, and 4 games for $125. You gotta figure that Walmart is selling new sets with 2 games, and two controllers for $179 now.
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    Might want to mention if bootmii/boot2 or IOS... an average joe wouldn't care, but an enthusiast would.


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