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Thread: i need some help (can't title a thread or post in the correct section)

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    i need some help (can't title a thread or post in the correct section)

    hi i have a modded wii and i'm trying to create a muli gamecube disc of burnt games.
    I have downloaded games from the purple site my wii's 4.2 usa .
    I try burning one game and it works all fine threw my disc channel. But i read that i can save more space on my dvd and put multi game son it maybe like 3 gamecube iso's. So i did reading and found programs like to shrink the iso etc. So anyways i used multigameiso creater and added 3 007 jamesbond games then i created and iso. Then i burned the iso using both eaither imgburn and also nero. At burning speed 4x. Now i have my new multigamecube disc. I put it on my modded wii and it shows that gamecube symbol on the disc channel and i click start then put my game of the 3 games
    it then takes me to choose what region and i pick the ntsc Y button on my gamecube pad. Then it trys launching the game but just gives me a fast green screen and it then rebots the multidisc back to the 3 games page. I read where u added mios cios etc did all that to no luck and i tried them gamecube backup launches version 2 and that 1x and again no luck.
    do i have to burn even at slower speeds like 2x with imgburn.
    Am i doing something wrong when i use multigamecube creater?
    i dont know any help would be appreciated thanks

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    please help wii multigame problem green screen

    Hi, i have a modded wii 4.2u all my wii burnt games work and also a original gamecube game.
    Now what i wanna do is create multidisc burnt gamecube games. Im using the purple site to download
    gamecube iso and gsm ntsc. I read ever and spent alot of hours to try getting them to work.
    The main problem now that im stuck on is i have 5 games on a disk that i think i burnt all correctly and am using gcos to load them games from my disc channel and it boots up the disk then i can choose what game i wanna play so i then pick the game. Then it goes into that menu to choose what region you want, so i pick Y for ntsc and it boots the game but gives me a green screen and just takes me back to the gcos menu. I tried everything and did my reading but got nowhere. If i do a single burnt game everything works fine. But multigames don't work. Now am i missing any files to install on my wii
    or is it just that i have a newer wii and my wii wont load mutigames. I did backup launchers 0.2 0.1
    etc neogamma etc and nothing to get past the green problem
    any help would be apprecitated thanks

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    Since you're too "generic" with regard to specifics, have you checked the GC compatibility guide here?

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    some wii questions (no sign of a thread title anywhere)

    ok i wanna know about multi gamecube games i found the site where to download all ntsc gamecube games. If i add 5 games to one dvd to play on my wii is it true that alot of games wont work threw multiplay.
    Is it goona be a waste of time like trying to download alot of gamecube games and they just wont play threw multiplay
    I tried one disk and burnt 2 games to it 007 games that are compatible on that list that shows multigamecube games and when i go threw the loading using gcos and the disc channel i then hit the y button
    and im stuck on a froozen green screen and the gamepad just rumbles.
    i can only play one game at a time burnt only on one disk
    is the wii that an - l loading multi games

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