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Thread: neogamma & usb lopader which IOS to use

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    neogamma & usb lopader which IOS to use


    sorry for this question but have trawled the searches & cant find the answer

    I want to install neogamma (ibelieve r8 is the latest) to my softmodded 4.1E wii & USB Loader.

    I understand i need to place the wad files in the wad folder & then go to the HBC & then WAD manager to install them

    Im not sure which IOS i need to use when doing this. Do i leave it as default or do i need to change it to anything.

    Would this be the same for any apps/channels that I want to install as wanna also install the Mplayer CE



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    Just use ios 249

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    249 is that for all

    thanks Narse

    is 249 generally used for all apps installed via Homebrew as I wanna install some other apps too.

    is there a rule of thumb or guide for the IOS?

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    you use ios249 for wad manager always....

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    many many thanks Cile thats answers everything

    oh well away i go & fingers crossed


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