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Thread: I have a small problem with Gamecube saver 1.1

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    I have a small problem with Gamecube saver 1.1

    I got this from the home brew channel last night at midnight.
    Everything installed perfectly but I have one big problem.....
    The Mario Kart Double Dash game saves .cgi from gamefaqs are messed up.
    The memory card on my wii sees as ======= {3} with no file name ?
    Can someone please tell me wtf is going wrong with these files ?
    Almost everything else seems to cooperate from there except super mario strikers.

    Also please beaware that I don't know where else to look for .cgi files.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yea dunno what the problem is with another sites files. Do they have contact info cause we are a wii hacking site and have very little to do with saves and cheats for all the various kinds of things that happen to be playable on a wii.
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    I think they do, but I haven't logged in there for almost a year due to people their spam and mods over there not wanting to deal with problems over there.
    I can tell you first hand I am a Local mod at another forum and compared to gamefaqs and a normal general hacking board we're almost like a civilized bunch of broots over there.

    Anyway let me see what I can do right now before I shut off my monitor for the next 6 hours....

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    Sorry to be a bother, but I posted at gamefaqs the other night after I left here, somebody said that the files might be just plain corrupted.
    A friend of mine suggested that I try NuGaSa and see if that worked out, no luck but nugasa did point out from all of the saves from gamefaqs are offest error 24604.
    How would I go about making a new edited MKDD save file from scratch, my only working save file I had on the memory card got screwed up when I uploaded that other file.
    I know somebody is going to say "just replay the whole game and get everything again", I have done that 3 or 4 times over the past 2 years already and that gets old real fast when you have a job and bills to take care of.


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