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Thread: Rawdump 2.0 stops after extracting 512kb

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    Rawdump 2.0 stops after extracting 512kb

    I'm using a brand new LG gdr-8164b to dump my games using rawdump 2.0. When I start the dump, the speed starts at about 400mb/hr and quickly goes to 190, then 145, 100, 80 ... well you get the idea and after an hour only dumps 512kb. Dumping over wifi works just fine but I'd rather do it with my computer. Any ideas?

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    after an hour only dumps 512kb
    It looks like the game isn't even copying, 512kb isn't even 1MB, you must have something wrong. Are you sure the DVD ROM drive you have there will even copy Wii discs? Where did you find a new drive at, the drives that copy Wii discs have not been manufactured for many years.

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    I bought it off eBay where the seller claimed that it came out of an HP tower that the end user upgraded to a dvd-rw instead of the DVD -rom. I followed the great tutorials here but should there be a custom driver? Basically all I did was unwrap it and hooked it up to my windows 7 machine and try to dump. Maybe I'll dual boot with Linux and see if friidump will work.

    Edit: the drive looks brand new, no scratches, dust or anything.

    Edit 2: dual booting with XP and win 7, works well with XP and not with 7.
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