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Thread: Can't backup my MH3 save

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    Can't backup my MH3 save

    Long story short, I was playing MH3 with friends,
    and we all got to HR17 and needed to beat the lagiacrus,
    Beat him once, but it was difficult and took awhile so I was all
    "Forget it, ill just hack the strongest fire weapon"

    Got banned (Yes it was dumb),
    so despite removing the hack weapon,
    Ive read that Ill have to restart my game once my ban time is over

    Unless I create a copy of my save and reinstall it

    Problem is, im on the most recent wii upgrade,
    I have the Homebrew channel but it seems everything I do doesn't work to back it up.

    Savegamemanager just turns to a black screen and shuts off my wiimote.
    Savegame manager mod doesnt show the sav
    Savegame manager GX plays the music and then freezes at the blackscreen

    And any things like priiloader or geckos rebooter just do not work.

    Whenever I try and select IOS249 for something, like installing a program,
    it disconnects my wiimote and doesnt allow me to reconnect until I shut off the wii.

    Any attempt to reinstall IOS249 fails, with error tickets like 1017, or 2011

    Please help..

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    Two --- err, three --- things here:

    1. Cheating isn't supported, endorsed, or allowed on wiihacks --- see forum rules here.
    2. There's an Error Index in the Recommended Guides that gives most error #s (these most definitely).
    3. Thread closed for the above two reasons.


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