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Thread: Dumb dumb question :)

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    Us Dumb dumb question :)

    I installed cios 222 to run monster hunter tri. What the dumb question is if i install hermes cios222 is it the same thing what i installed for monster hunter. ? I told ya its a dumb question. The reason i am asing is because i cannot run mu usb loader gx or neogamma and i know neogamma doesnt run on cios 222. Help !

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    usbloaderGX can choose which ios to use. If you have cios38rev17 installed then you can tell gx to use ios249. Neogamma defaults to ios249 also.

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    To answer your other question, yes when you installed 222 to get MH Tri running that was Hermes cIOS222 but I do believe that you need cIOS223 to play MH Tri. It can also be installed using Hermes.

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    And to further illustrate things, there's absolutely no point in another MH3-related thread (whether you view it thus or otherwise, that's still what it is) here. If you feel it altered your Hermes, consult the Hermes thread to restore/redo it.


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