I just recently installed homebrew and all that good stuff onto my wii.
I wanted to download metroid prime trilogy, but since it requires a dual layer disc, i just got 2 different isos: one is for metroid prime 3, the other one was 1 and 2 only

Now metroid prime 3 is working fine after i burn it onto a dvd, and ive got the stripped prime game working through the .dol method. However, i was wondering if there was a way to play the multiplayer mode of the game, seeing as that was one of the biggest reasons i got the game. If i boot into the main screen of metroid prime trilogy, and then load multiplayer, it shows a little animation and then the top half of the screen turns green and the wii goes back to the home menu. Any way to fix this?

Wii menu 4.2u
Neogamma r7
cios 249