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Thread: how to update my wii

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    Talking how to update my wii

    hi my sister has a hard mod wii but she dosnt know what chip she has. i no you can soft mod it as well but i was woundering is there a way i can update it from 3.3 to 4.2 with a soft mod because i have read i can brink the wii if i try and up date it online with a hard mod

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    u may like to 4.2x-update the console via online connection to Nintendo anytime, regardless of chipmod status or modchip type.
    unless u want to update with game disc (e.g. sports_resort)
    online update is more reliable, easlier, and simple.

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    Updating to 4.2 will kill all the softmods on your system. You can follow the guide in my sig on updating your old softmod to put you on 4.1 with cios38rev17 and priiloader.

    edit: since it's hardmodded you would have to softmod to do what I mentioned above. I would recommend following the 3.1-4.1 guide in my sig to softmod and install priiloader to block disc updates. If she goes to 4.2 then she will lose the ability to play out of region games and her modchip won't be worth a hoot.

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    Don't update to 4.2. Update to 4.1 Via dogeggs 3.1-4.1 sotfmod guide... or with a disk with the 4.1 update( NSMBW) If you do it from disk make sure it is the same region as your wii or you will brick.

    EDIT: beat me to it. Or you can use the guide mentioned in the post above to get to 4.1.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    thats all working like a dream

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    why the hell do you want to update (specifically to 4.2)
    why not update to 4.1


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