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Thread: Run PAL Games on Neogamma or...?

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    Run PAL Games on Neogamma or...?

    I have NeoGamma, Homebrew and all that good stuff. But the problem arises when i try to play a PAL iso, burnt from imgburn. The whole screen goes grey, then reboots. I get no where. Any ideas?

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    1. What Region is your WII
    2. What Version of Neogamma do you have
    3. What Firmware is your wii

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    Yeah that probably could be useful information... lol
    Region: NTSC (Canada)
    Neogamma R8
    And what ever the newest firmware is. I updated 2 days ago before starting all this homebrew jazz.

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    Could try forcing the region settings in neogamma. It also could simply be a bad download or bad burn. Doubt it's a missing ios since you're on 4.2. What game is it?

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    I tried forcing region settings and got no where. Any clue what the "Compressed" in the iso title refers to? A google search told me it had something to do with a program called Wiiscrubber removing the junk files from the game. Could that cause any problems?
    Thanks again!

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    Some games are very small and they are filled up with a bunch of 0's at the end to make it 4.7GB for dvd (basically) and wiiscrubber removes the useless info. It shouldn't be a problem if the iso is good. Ensure you're using verbatim dvd-r discs and burning with IMGburn (free download) at a slow speed like 2 or 4x. If that doesn't work, redownload... in your region.


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