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Thread: Unknown Hardmod/SM/Region Backup Questions

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    Unknown Hardmod/SM/Region Backup Questions


    I recently got my Wii hard modded and I started downloading backup games to try and play. When I inserted Mario Kart and Rabbids Go Home, a message popped up saying I had to install an update if I wanted to play and it said that if i had any mods my wii wouldn't work.

    I'm not sure if it's cuz my firmware has never been updated or if it's like some kind of virus or something?

    Can someone tell me what it is and should i install whatever they are asking me to install?


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    As this is a hardmodded question and relates to a couple of specific titles, moved thread to appropriate section. It might be nice if you elaborate as in what mod chip, System Menu, region, etc --- don't you think?

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    Each game disc comes with an update partition that brings the firmware (System Menu and IOS up to date) and it checks itself against what you have on your Wii every time.

    You must have an IOS or two, or even a lower System Menu than is on the disc/s.

    As a hardmodder your only update path is to accept these disc updates (ensuring that the games are from your region). You should also be able to block the updates using your modchip's features if you so wish but at some stage games will not work.
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