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Thread: Unable to lunch at work while playing backup with NeoGamma

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    Unable to lunch at work while playing backup with NeoGamma

    Hi guys,
    I haven been unable to load burn ISO's downloaded from the net, and I just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.

    I'm using Verbatim dvd-r 16x @ 2x with ImgBurn, put the game in the console, run NeoGamma, select Launch Game and I get: game ID: RZTE01
    Then loads partition - No menu file found - booting main.dol - no patch found

    I've tried 2 different ISOs downloaded from the net, the first one gets the senario above, the seconds as soon as it says loading partition it gives me a error dump saying Exception (DSI) occurred! with a bunch of numbers.

    Not sure if they are both bad ISOs or I'm doing something wrong.
    Any guidance will help.

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    Well I guess they were bad ISOs the next 2 ISOs i tried worked fine, same settings, same media.

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    As OP was able to lunch and launch (thus solving his problem), thread closed. Glad ya got it sorted.


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