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    so i just realized this forum was here XD. I am co-admin at a combat arms (computer fps shooter game) hacking forum.the site also has some other forums such as Nintendo DS hacking forum, PSP hacking forum, and xbox 360 hacking forum.yes i know the term "tk" seems suspicious but we would never try to scam you and we're all nice their...well not really anymore. the site has completely died. the reason is being that the main admin said that we had a coder and that hacks will be released soon which was absolutely true. but then the main admin got pissed that he was taking to long and banned him. when everyone heard that their was going to be no more hacks because we didn't have a coder, everyone left. We'd love for anyone to join and maybe help us get the site up and running again! thanks!

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    Hello, acornty and thanks for stopping by this Forum to tell us a bit about yourself and the combat arms forum. Sorry to hear about the problems your site is having right now. Best wishes in resuscitating your own forum while you continue to enjoy WiiHacks.

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    No of course .tk isn't's a free domain...I think we have all had one of those ^_^
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