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Thread: After having a successfully softmodded Wii for about a month now...

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    After having a successfully softmodded Wii for about a month now...

    ...the Wii is freezing upon the boot up of the Wii Menu.
    To further explain:
    1) I boot up the Wii; BootMii runs.
    2a) I select "The Homebrew Channel"; everything works properly.
    2b) I select "Wii Menu"; it brings me to the "Press A" screen, in which I do so, but before I proceed to the Wii Menu, the Wii freezes as the text is fading into the black.

    If I try to boot the Wii Menu through other means, such as through THB, or without the SD card inserted (thus avoiding BootMii), it ends with the same result.

    I have a .nand backup created, but before I load that, I would like to ask of your assistance as to what could possibly be happening and how I can resolve this issue.

    I'm posting this on the newbie board due to this being my first post here on WiiHacks, and if this belongs somewhere else, I apologize.

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    take the bootmii folder together with your nand and keys of it on your computer,external dvd,cd usb.. then turn on the wii you shouldnt load into bootmii anymore but straight to wii menu ......see if still freezes

    so whenever you need to make a another nand back up just put bootmii folder....on the root of the sd turn the wii on and you ll be in bootmii

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    It freezes anyway.
    All I really want to do is access the settings and change the resolution to HD/EDTV. Is there a way around this? Because otherwise I don't really have a reason to access the Wii Menu.


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