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Thread: Just finished a 4.2 mod

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    Just finished a 4.2 mod

    I managed to get through modding my Wii after leaving auto update on for the last year, so obviously it was at 4.2. I used Shadowsonics tutorial and all seems ok. My question is, now I have WBFS 3.0 on my computer, I have an Apps and Wad folder on my SD card and a ton of files from the installs. I managed to get the usb_loader_gx channel on my Wii as well.

    What do I need to have to keep everything bare bones for now. I want the Wii to be able to play from the HDD with the easiest route since my 6 year old will be playing on it as well. What can I remove form the SD card and what do I need to have on it, if at all, when it's in the Wii for HDD games. I would like to not have anything I do not need for access to the HDD for game play and just install things as I need them.

    I have tried searching for whether I need the SD card in the Wii to play the HDD or not, and if I do, what all must be still installed on it for straight game play?

    Thanks guys, great site.

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    Welcome to wiihacks! Be sure to make an intro over at introductions. You'll get a wealth of useful links doing so. Since you've successfully modded your wii, you'll no longer need those installation files on your sd. You wont even need an sd card to run homebrew apps (as long as you have a fat32 partition on your hdd). You will need one, however, when you wish to backup your nand via bootmii. Sorry for the brief reply, I'm typing this on my phone -- while in line here at Frys
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    Yea, thanks. My intro was done first thing. The nand back up and transfer to my PC was done as part of Shadowsonics tutorial so that is done already. I am looking into HDD's now. I have no idea what other questions will arise, I just was wondering what else I may need my SD card for, only because it's my actual micro SD from my phone that I am using. I tranfered all the pics and video from the SDcard to my PC for now and formatted it for this mod. I'm just going to buy a small SD card for when I need it, if at all. If anyone has a link to what I need to keep on my SD card or any suggested upgrades I can use, feel free to post them. I really only plan to use the Wii for Games and Movies, we have 3 computers adn a PS3 in the house for pretty much everything else.

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    I would suggest formatting the HDD into split partitions, wbfs to store the games, and fat32 for media and programs. I prefer WiiFlow for usb loading and have it set up with a system channel. I only use my SD when I need to access hombrew for anything. Having a fat partition on the HDD allows for all configurations that would normally be on SD to be ran from your HDD. You can format the entire HDD to fat32, but will need to create a wbfs folder for the games and anything with an iso over 4 GB will have to be split into 2 files. I find the seperate partitions easiest myself, as I have a young son also. You can create a wad file to make a system channel for any loader, but the link in my sig for WiiFlow has some graciously premade ones, thanks to Baboo77, who took the time to create them.
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