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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri Works, But with strange problem.

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    Ca Monster Hunter Tri Works, But with strange problem.

    Hello again folks got a problem that I cant seem to find anyone else with.

    I have been playing MH tri for 140 Hrs, more or less beat the game. but at start up, if I "doddle" or go slow with choosing "Arena" or "Village quests" The Wii locks up/freezes. and I have to do a manual restart by holding down the power button.

    Im used to this and get it working fine, but if I am in mid game and I pause with the "home" button this will also lock up my wii in the same fashion.

    Has anyone else had this problem? because after searching Im SOL. I have tried loading other backups to no avail.

    my wii is 3.2U
    Config. USB loader
    Wiikey 2.

    I also cannot use pimpmywii to update as I do not have wireless internet. And I am no longer sure where to get up to date IOS files to..... Well.. Pimp my wii
    Thanks for looking peeps, if you need any information I will reply quick.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Not sure about the lock up but here are the latest ios's in wad form

    This is the ios you need to play Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter Tri.....................IOS55-64-5149) or higher

    Dont go messing with ios's too much now. Find the one you need for that game and install it.

    Here is a link to Tealcs thread
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