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Thread: Black Screen/Bricked .. Rhelp!

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    Unhappy Black Screen/Bricked .. Rhelp!

    First and foremost thanks to all of you for making this site! (Simply Amazing) I tried to do my best and read all the FAQ and Newbie guides but I have hit a brick wall..Please help

    - What I have done -

    I successfully followed (Shadows 4.2 Guide) no errors during install.
    Backed up my Nand (was able to use install Bootmii as boot2).
    Now I wanted to see if everything worked.

    - First thing check to see I was able to play avi's from my usb stick. It worked!!
    - Next I wanted to play a game that I recently burned (following guides on this website)
    - Game was Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3.
    - Loaded game using Neogamma. The game loaded but I got a black screen.
    - Tried different settings on Neogamma but no luck.
    - Read some more stuff on forums and assumed the IOS was the issue.
    - I saw a thread listing what IOS to use regarding your game.
    - I did not see a IOS for this new Naruto and figured I would just use the one listed for
    the previous game Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3(IOS 33/System Menu 3.1)
    - I found a thread using NUS Downloader to create IOS.
    - I created a Wad using NUS Downloader (IOS 33 - Latest Version w/ System Menu
    v258 (3.1E) ).
    - Installed it using wad manager from HBC
    - Installed with no errors.
    - System rebooted.
    - Now I'm stuck at a black screen. The power is green but the Wii remote will not sync.
    - I do not see anything when I power the WII.
    - I then loaded Bootmii to the root of my SD and my backed up Nand.
    - Nothing happens. I cannot access the Wii Menu. The system powers on but that's it.
    - I also tried holding down the reset button when I power on the Wii... No luck.

    I hope I explained my situation thoroughly. Any help I receive is much appreciated. Many thanks to all of you for making this possible.
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    did you only install ios33 or did you install the system menu 3.1 also

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    When I created the wad from NUS, I selected the IOS and System menu to be created. I then loaded the wad using the wad manager. I assumed this wad install did them both? I walked away during the install process and came back when it had completed.

    Thanks for your quick response.

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    Thanks for moving this post to this thread!!!
    I just read the thread that shows you 3 steps on how to unbrick your wii!
    I saw the youtube video using a gambecube controller while powering up the wii.
    OMG! I was able to get the bootmii menu!!
    I am now in the process of restoring my nand back up!! WOW I hope this works!
    Thanks again for and will be posting shortly

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    Thanks again!


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