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Thread: Should I Soft Mod?

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    Should I Soft Mod?

    Hey everyone,

    This morning I came across the concept of soft modding one's Wii system to enjoy the benefits. This got me thinking as I have a 9 year old little brother who has a Wii at his house and would probably enjoy the benefits of having a softmodded system. I've used the search function to read up a bit about it but these questions are a bit more personal.

    First, are there any downsides to soft modding? Risks, pitfalls, limitations, etc? I don't live with my brother so I wouldn't be able to help him out every time something hit the fan.

    Will my brother still be able to use his Wii like he used too (sans updating), are there any other features of the Wii that one gives up when soft modding?

    So those are a few of my basic concerns...I'm wary not to do anything to his system because it's not mine and I don't want to screw it up. I don't mean I wouldn't be able to install it but if it takes a lot of troubleshooting I may want to pass.

    Thanks much in advance for any help and consideration.

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    No you cant except official updates as this will take off the soft mod and could also end in tears, there is a thing called pri loader which blocks disc and online updates.
    How ever you can come to this great site and get loads of advice and learn stuff all about your wii.

    You can update manually as there are different methods of doing this.

    I was dubious at first but I havent looked back.

    If you dont want to soft mod you could always look into a hard mod Wode I hear is the way to go.


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