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Thread: Is it safe to update system when I have agron

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    Is it safe to update system when I have agron

    Ok, so my problem is this: I just riped a Guitar hero 5 on dvd and inserted in my Wii, and wii wants to do system update, my question is - can I do it, not to brick it my wii?
    For the notice I'm from europe and all my games are PAL.
    Thnx in front!!!

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    GH5 has a 3.4 update on disc and not much else so in this instance that should be fine.

    Be wary in future though as a 4.2 update compromises other region loading and any homebrew cIOS installs.
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    Worth to say is also that when you do a system update, you better be sure that the game you do it from is PAL

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    You can install priiloader to prevent updates in the future.

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    could u explain me what is priiloader?, I'm new at this.

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    Priiloader can be installed on certian system menus. You have to softmod to install it but I would recommend this since if you ever go to 4.2 you will lose the ability to play out of region games with your chip.

    edit: follow the guide in my sig for the system menu you're on to softmod. Priiloader blocks disc and online updates and is great brick protection.


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