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Thread: Not in the loop anymore, need help with current stuff.

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    Not in the loop anymore, need help with current stuff.

    Ok guys, so a while ago I put a d2pro in my wii and that was working fine but it seems that it cannot play the newer games, and that it won't be updated anytime soon.

    So I have some questions...
    When I bought my chip they also messed up and sent me a wiikey for free, (maybe wiikey 2 dunno) would it be worth a swap? Would it work better/flawlessly?

    Would a softmod be a better route to go at this point, or would it have some problems with an old modchip attached?

    I've been out of the loop for a while, any help you guys can provide is appreciated.

    I forgot to mention, at some point the system menu got updated from a PAL disk (messed up there) and I cannot access the menu and have no idea how to fix it.
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    AFAIK Wiikey2 gets updates so if it is one of those then it might be useful. Search Wiikey for info.

    Softmod or hardmod, that's your choice. Your modchip is irrelevant for a softmod process, you can softmod without issues.

    As for the semi-brick, have a look in the Bricked section for guides on how to fix that.
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