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Thread: Help with Shadow's guide to 4.2 soft mod - consistent error

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    Help with Shadow's guide to 4.2 soft mod - consistent error

    Hey guys, was hoping you could help me out. I've just bought a brand new black Wii and am using Shadow's 4.2 guide to help me soft mod. During step 3 of the tutorial win using DOP-Mii I keep getting errors during the process 'IOS515 to v523'. Receive errors, which show multiple times, then the Wii freezed to an 'Exception (DSI) occured!' screen.

    Is my best shot just trying over and over and hoping to not get caught in receive errors one time, or does anyone have any better advice for me?

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    Usually, these code dumps are just harmless and random, just try doing the step again. If you get a message saying that iOS36 is already fakesigned, just continue the rest of the tutorial.

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    I had that happen to me, but I restarted my Wii and re-did the step and no dump, but also was not on the newer version of the Wii.


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