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Thread: Upgraded Wii to 4.2u

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    Upgraded Wii to 4.2u


    Im going to sound like a Caveman here but my modified wii was working perfectly and id never connected it to the internet or installed Homebrew Channel. Several times i bought new games (like grand slam tennis) and the DVD updated the system and everything was ok.

    I just bought FIFA World Cup 2010, the updating stalled half way. i restarted the Wii and now none of my old games work. It keeps saying unable to read disc. I tried to connect to the net but it doesnt.

    Is there any solution? i cannot go online right now so how can i possibly fix this?


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    When u say modified, do u mean has a chip installed? If this is the case then out of region game playing is broken with 4.2 update, if it was softmodded in any way the update will have wiped the softmod out.

    Does the world cup game work?

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    And if it is indeed hardmodded, mauifrog has a great guide here to get back your region free abilities.

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