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    AnyRegion Changer

    Hi all,
    just wondering, I have just unbrick my semi-bricked japanese wii back into norm status (System menu displayed as 3.2J) now.

    What is the correct settings If I want to apply the AnyRegion Changer to have my menu display in pure English?

    Also, would like to gather feedback on users who have successfully used the AnyRegion to change their region settings and if there are any problems with their wii after that?

    Back to the semi-brick issue, suppose due to some misfortune my changed region (from JAP to US) set goes into semi-bricked mode again, which repad file should I apply? the US one or the JAP one? (Note that my set was originally a Japanese wii).

    Any gurus can assist to answer my queries?
    Any help here is appreciated.

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    I think you have to set the language to english if you want english menu, but if your wii is japanese, you should set the region to jap and not usa and the wii shop channel to jap, and see if you also install the correct system version. I really haven't tried to region change my Wii since I think it's pretty useless, but here's a youtube video that demonstrate how to use the AnyRegion Changer prog.

    [ame=]YouTube - AnyRegion Changer[/ame]

    Hope that helps.
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    thanks, but can I simply change the system menu to English and leave the rest of the options as-is? I'm afraid of bricking the wii since the author mentioned that there is a slight chance for bricking to occur. appreciate if anyone who has tried this to feedback. thanks.

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    You can completely change your system menu from jap to english and have no more issues. But I'm pretty sure you can leave your system japanese with english langauge. Either way, you have to set everything to one parameter (either jap or english), except the language I think.
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    What is Homebrew and why don't I see it on my menu?

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    you must install it via twilight hack
    or if you have a chip you can use a iso

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    you can only use the iso if you are on fw 3.2 because of the truncha bug.


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