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Thread: Change USB port for harddrive support

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    I have a small problem: the USB port people usually connect their Harddrives to is broken. One of the USB-pins broke off, leaving me with only USB port1 (port0 is defect as I stated).

    Is there a way to change USB Loader GX / USB loader CFG to use the UPPER port, not the one on the bottom?

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    There is not any way to change it I can think of, except for downloading the source and compiling it yourself, after you made the nessecary changes.
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    Fix it or go back to an older cIOS, I think cIOS36 ver 10 worked on both ports. You will not be able to play any games that require additional USB devices.

    Personally I'd fix it, get your soldering iron out and solder away. You could also connect an extension in there once you are done and stop hot swapping to save the connector.
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    Same problem here. If someone wants to close my other thread, please do. I'm a total noob at soldering and stuff, but how do I change back to cIOS36 ver 10? And would this stop me from being able to play Monster Hunter Tri? (I had to install rev19 to play it)

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    Quick question: The Wii's USB ports are no different from any other one on a USB hub right? I've done quite a few replacements on USB ports but a friend of mine said the one he took off his Wii looks different than a usual one. Could this be true?
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