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Thread: Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Review

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    Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Review

    Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Review

    One of the top game I've played for Nintendo DS. The third game in the Mario and Luigi RPG series is a great game. Not only does the game allow you to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom Superstars but as well as the Koopa King Bowser (hence the name of this game). Its also worth mentioning that, though the game primarily uses the DS console's buttons, there are parts of the game that utilizes the microphone and stylus.

    Though the game is interesting, the controls may take some practice to get used to. Although its as simple as pressing buttons, getting the timing right is what may require practice as the timing varies from attack/enemy/user etc.

    The game can really keep you occupied with as it can be considered somewhat challenging. Stats are the same as Saga for Gameboy Advance. Although I'd say it may be slightly shorter than Saga. A decent variety of bosses. Fun thing is when it comes to boss battles, there are ones with Mario and Luigi then there are some with Bowser. In some cases, Bowser being assisted by Mario and Luigi on the inside. Another good thing to note about this game that there are a lot of in-game mini games to be done.

    Music is pretty much similar to Saga's, may have been changed. Still brings the game to life.

    Final Rating: 9.4/10
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