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Thread: some issues with forwarders

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    some issues with forwarders

    looking for a bit of assistance with problems encountered while using some forwarders. i have the snes,nes, and vba emulators all running well using forwarders, however i'm having trouble with genplus, smsplus, and wii64. these all work well when loading from homebrew channel, but crash when using the forwarder. the sega emulators both load up fine from the forwarder, but crash when you try to return to home screen, showing nothing but black screen with lines of code. the wii64 emulator appears to load fine, but it won't recognize controllers, and they can't be resynched. if this sounds like a familiar problem to anyone, assistance would be great, as i can't seem to figure it out. thanks

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    If they load up fine from the forwarder then the problem is with the version of the emulator u are running, make sure u have the latest version

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    i had considered that, but i'm definately using the latest versions. update on wii64 - can use a gamecube controller when using the forwarder, but after that theres no way to make it recognize the wiimote

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    update - i tried rearranging and adding duplicate files on the SD for wii64 just in case i had that messed up, afterwards all i got was a black screen starting the forwarder. i deleted all files from the SD pertaining to wii64 and set them up again, still no luck. i moved my wad installer to my HDD and removed and reinstalled the forwarder in hopes that it might have been getting confused due to having the SD and the HDD with all necessary files, removed the SD and tried to boot the forwarder with only the HDD. all i got was a few words in the top left of the screen that i couldn't make out and the wii restarted. so i don't know what happened but before it just wouldn't synch the wiimote from the forwarder, now all i get is black screen. everything still works from homebrew. could my forwarder be no good? something else maybe? thanks

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    Talking Forwarded Issues Solved With IOS35 update

    I have finally fixed my forwarding issue.. Having read a post at Wihacks I realised I needed to have the IOS35 installed with the latest update using IOS dop.. Easy using internet access or can be downloaded and transfered to sd card.. Hope this helps people with the same issue.. Thanks again Wiihacks...


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