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Thread: How to rip game discs directly to usb harddrive using computer?

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    How to rip game discs directly to usb harddrive using computer?

    If I rip games using the Wii, it takes 30+ minutes per game. Is there any way to use the computer to rip directly to the harddrive. The computer dvd-rom is so much faster. Are there any addons to WBFS Manager to allow ripping directly from disc?

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    Only about 4 dvd drives can read wii discs. What I did was went to a computer store, bought about 5 usb thumb drives, tried ripping to all of them, kept the fastest, and returned the rest. One drive would take an hour to rip a game, and the one I have now would do the same game in 10 mins. Give that a shot. No money lost since you returned the crappy drives.

    edit: I went with a 16GB Kingston BTW. Pretty quick.

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    My wbfs IDE Enclosure drive hooked up usb to my wii takes about 10-20 min depending on size of rip... the SSBB took about 30 min because it was 7gb

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    FWIW (and I know this is a bit of an old topic).. I have a SATA to USB 2.0 enclosure w/ a western digital 250gig notebook drive (very small and compact) that rips from the Wii via Config USB loader in 3-5 minutes (on average).. Had a 3gig title (can't remember which one) last night took about 12 minutes..

    This hard drive seems very fast IMO.

    Hope this helps


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