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Thread: Gamecube .GCM files

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    Gamecube .GCM files

    well i've wanted to play some gamecube games on my softmodded Wii

    I have gotten some Gamecube games in ISO format and they work well when i play them from a Gamecube Backup Launcher

    but now i've come across some gamecube games and they are in .GCM format

    i'm not sure what to do

    any help?

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    Google IMGBurn and then when installed there will be a shortcut on your desktop..... Drap and Drop the .gcm onto the icon for IMGBURN and it will load do you settings and then you insert blank disc and hit burn.... (just did it 2hr ago)

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    .gcm = .iso just change the file extension and it'll work fine.


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