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Thread: What Up WiiHacks?!

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    Us What Up WiiHacks?!

    Hi everybody! I guess you all can consider me to be a newbie when it comes to hacking Nintendo Wii's although Im pretty smart with computers, I've jailbroke iPods & iPhones plenty of times as well. I've been owning my Wii for a few years now, infact I was one of the lucky ones to get it the Christmas it came out. My Wii is still a virgin but I plan to pop it's cherry with a softmod very soon after I do some research posted here thanks to you guys. I haven't really used my Wii very much since I bought my Xbox 360 but I just purchased a new 42' LCD TV for my bedroom & decided to hook it up. This was the first time I've turned my Wii on in over 2 years so I decided to update it to see what new came out for it, to my surprise there was only 1 new channel. This made my mind up on softmodding my Wii, my Wii is updated to firmware 4.2U as of May 2010. I did a little research on wikipedia & it looks like the last update was released in September of 2009, I hope this information is right because I plan to mod very soon. I just want to thank all of you for all your help in advance & I look foward to getting to know you guys & learning from you all, see you around.
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