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Thread: how to play video ts folder

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    how to play video ts folder

    i have a couple of video ts folders on a network drive that i extracted from a dvd is there a media player for wii homebrew that will play these folders with the menus... i have don some extensive searching on this site and many others... search strings i have used are... play video ts on wii, video ts, media player for the wii, vlc for wii, play extracted dvd, still not finding an application that will do it if i can find one that will help me out greatly i can keep my dvds safe from my kids too...

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    Try MPlayer CE, it will play a DVD rip.

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    You can Convert your DVD's to AVI and play them on the wii. This is what I do.
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    I was hoping to skip that step becuse I don't like to waist the prossesor cycles

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    I happen to have some dvd rips on my ext. hdd. I can confirm playback is successful in both MPlayer CE and WiiMC (which is much more aesthetically pleasing), just open the .vob files
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    Wiimc is currently my poison of choice but I wish it would treat the folder like a DVD kind of like vlc when you right click on and play in vlc. I guess I am being pIckey but to treat it like a self contained iteam just seams eseyer

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