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Thread: USB GX Loader stable version ?

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    Us USB GX Loader stable version ?

    I have crently 866 but i cant seam to play newer games but i wen from 929 to 866 because i downloade de usb installer 1.0 form the site "LINK" but i still cant play newer games like sonic Olympics , Mario bros new adventure paper Mario (old and new but doesn't work on 929) so i want to ask a stable vertion.. the only one I've been able to play is Wii sports the first one.

    must have these especifications:

    install games (ex mario galaxy doesnt work on 866 929 814)
    play games
    read hdd wbf

    short part

    an usb gx loader that can do what was meant to do install & play games
    929 cant install games but it can play them.

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    the most favored are r815 and r847......out of the new (beta) ones.... r915 and r921 work good for me...

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    Try a different loader. Maybe wiiflow or something. I've never had problems with Mario Galaxy on any of the versions of GX. You might have some other issues and try a different loader we help in determining that.

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    Get your self the r815.wad as this is the only one that I have used and runs all games old and new......

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    the thing is i tried uloader wiiflow and usb gx (921 works great thnx) but i can install Mario galaxy it stops in 75 percent and then says is installed but it isnt is corrupt or bad installed and resident evil and other games is there another application a part these that i can use in the wii not pc (i dont have a good internet 56kb per second im dieing here) i heard another one that is really good but cant remember and ex all my games are original and usa not pal

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    U loader is another one

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    tried gives a red box and stops in 75 when the circle is like almost blue a red box appears i dont know what it is but is only one line then it freezes up
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