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Thread: Creating Themes

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    Creating Themes

    Can someone point me toward a guide on creating new themes? I know there has to be a thread on this but i searched for every combination of words longer than three letters that i could think of. can't find it.

    I watched a brickTUBE video of a guy simply renaming a .mym file to .zip opening it and editing the images. This somehow seemed guaranteed to be stupid.
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    Let Me Google That For You

    Check out this thread also as it deals with wiihacks and google searching...

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    Yeah when I referred to Baboo's guide as ". . . the only one on the site that covers its bases on the subject and has an author who's still active." in this post, that was read-between-the-lines speak for themes being dangerous enough for your console that we don't recommend or generally support them, and anything you do is at your own risk. As for creating new themes I'd suggest digging around the wiibrew site for information.

    This subject matter definitely doesn't belong in the newbie forum. Any other relevant questions should be asked in Baboo's thread.
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