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Thread: *HELP* My Wii won't turn on after installing Sundriver!

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    *HELP* My Wii won't turn on after installing Sundriver!

    Hello, I seek the help of powerful Wiihacks Community.

    I recently purchased a Sun Driver "Plug & Play/solderless version and also bought a Seagate 500GB momentus 7200.4 Sata 2.5in HDD.

    I think my first mistake was to follow the youtube video guide and when I read the rules here that was a clear nono .

    Anyways, I turned the wii without connecting it to the internet or taking any internet updates and played a gamecube & a wii game on it just to make sure it works first before attemping any mods on it.

    I managed to disassemble the wii very gently and got to the part by putting the 2.5 500gb HDD to the Sundriver and connecting all cables.

    If you are curious what youtube video it was [removed]

    I finished putting it back together with the sundriver installed inside the wii.

    I got to the part "Connect Sundriver to PC via Cable" Which is 2:48 on that youtube video guide.

    And this is where I need help, the Wii won't turn on :*(
    I also decided to disassemble it again just to make sure all the cables were connected and they were.

    I took out that little power cell/battery it was in the back of the wii for about 10-20 minutes then put it back in again "When I was disassembling and assembling it". Will that cause some problems?

    If anyone can point out where I went wrong and also suggestions on how to fix this problem.

    Thank you for reading and I await for your prompt reply.


    I disconnected the Sun Driver and my Wii can turn on! yay!
    However when I connect the Sun Driver back it won't turn on so my process of elimination somewhat worked.

    I think my Sun Driver device died/shorted.
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    I've moved your thread to the Sundriver forum for the time being, so it'll get exposure to people familiar with the chip. I've also removed the link in your post as we don't want people accidentally following a failtube vid.
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    I would try again and install sundriver outside the wii case and test,dont assemble in wii.Have you got a different hard drive to try?
    It seems like the ribbon/power cables are not making contact.
    If it dont work after that I would return to place of purchase for replacement.

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    As a word of advice make sure you don't tighten the DVD drive down too much as the pressure of it can cause the modchip to throw errors and fail to perform as required.


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