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Thread: USB Loader GX wont work at all version 4.2u. Newbie

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    USB Loader GX wont work at all version 4.2u. Newbie

    ive searched for an answer to my question without being able to find one. if its already been answered and i didn't find it i apologize.

    Okay so ive installed a few version of USB loader GX trying to get it to work. right now i have the 916 version installed, whenever i try to load it i get a black screen and everything freezes. i used WBFS Manager 3.0 to format my drive and i have a drive on the list.

    I used shadowsonic2's guide to softmod my wii and i have installed Hermes cIOS v5.

    i dont know if it helps but i have no problems running the wiiware games i installed.

    thank you for help

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    in disk management check that wbfs partition is set to primary

    and your first post should of been in introduction section

    edit:it didnt register your post [sorry] it said you only had one...
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    yes i have it set to primary and active.

    my first post was in the introduction thread a few days ago(of course i had a typo on the work black haha)

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    i finally got it to work. i had to flash the firmware on my hd i guess that was causing a problem.


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