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Thread: 8640 roms emulator help

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    8640 roms emulator help

    hello all, i'm in need of a little help. i downloaded a large emulator from ntorrents (wii emulator disc 8640 roms multi split-rars), and can't figure out what to do with it. my goal is to run it off of my hdd. i have a 4.2 softmodded wii using larry's guide, and have so far gotten everything i've wanted to work minus this. i've searched this forum, and googled it to no avail. hopefully i'm making sense. thank you

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    1. I don't think "Larry's guide" is a wiihacks Recommended Guide, is it?
    2. If you're speaking of Emulators (you are), there's a section amazing enough meant for Emulators.


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