* USB HDD Loader (Does not support SD/SDHC Game loading)
* Minimalist
* 192x64 banners
* 128x176 Cover
* Support for wide screen (more covers on the screen)
* Ocarina Cheats
* Automatic selection of alternative DOL
* Quickly runs game with minimal button usage
* HOME button: open options
* Buttons 1 / 2: order game
* B Button: change view
* Supports GC Controller
* Wii message board support, journals wii games played, when and how long for
* Plays banner sound while Dimming the surrounding screen
* And more..............................

- by Marc R.

Source - USB Loader mrc - La p (spanish)
Download - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


I tried this out and it seems like an ok usb loader, besides most of the covers and banners missing, and no support for IOS222, 223. I think I'll wait for the next version. There is no coverflow, just a basic uLoader type usb loader. The covers that do download automatically, some are in spanish. If you try this loader, the home button on the wiimote will get you the options menu. The + and - buttons will scroll through the pages of installed games.