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Thread: Any experience with GC2-D4 (AKA GC2-D3S) drive chipsets / Gamecube backup help

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    Any experience with GC2-D4 (AKA GC2-D3S) drive chipsets / Gamecube backup help

    Here is my situation,
    I have a wii Model RVL-001 with a Serial Number LU12069951[1].
    I have both the CIOS38 rev 17 IOS as well as the Hermes 222/223 installed succesfully says I have a 75% chance of having a GC2-D3S chipset (which they say is actually labeled GC2-D4 inside the Wii), and a 25% chance of having a GC2-DMS chipset.

    ***To indicate my experience level I will tell you that I have had much success with USB loading Wii games using configurable USB Loader v59, loading and understanding what I've done to load typically complicated games (ex. Metroid Prime Trilogy) and even building my own channel forwarders with my own non-animated icons and banners.***

    I wasn't even going to bother using disc backups until I decided to take on the gamecube side of the wii and discovered that because in gamecube mode the system only has access to the hardware that was in the original gamecube console, it is at this time a requirement to use disc loading to play gamecube backups.

    I have since updated to MIOS v8 using Wiigator's miospatcher v.2 and installed Wiigator's GC Backup Launcher v.2

    To burn, I am using a mac (I have no access to a pc with a dvd burner), and have tried burning copies of GUN(gc) as well as Wii Sports(wii), both of which I own, at 2x and 4x speeds, being careful to burn a direct copy of the ISO itself, and not to burn a data disc with the ISO file on it.

    I had to download the GUN .gcm file (which I changed to .iso before burning) so it is suspect, but I know the Wii Sports ISO is good because it is the same ISO i use in my USB loader.

    I have tried both speeds on the following mediatypes Fujifilm DVD-R and Windata DVD-R (which I am certainly not proud to even own)

    For the GC Backup of GUN I have had the following problems:
    The error I receive in GC Backup Launcher is "failed to read DVD 263 error 0x3023a00 No Disk"
    In Neogamma R8b1 I have tried forcing the Video Region to Wii and get the error "DVD Read Error 1020"

    For the Wii Backup of Wii Sports I have had the following problem:
    In Neogamma R8b1 I again get the error "DVD Read error 1020"

    *Ultimately, my question is this. Could the GC2-D4 (aka GC2-D3S) chipset have the same problems as the GC2-D3-2 and be unable to read burned discs, or is this more likely a problem with my media?

    I apologize if this post was too lengthy or overly complicated, as this is my first post outside of the "Introduce Yourself" forum and I wanted to make sure I included every piece of information I could. I really appreciate this community and have until now been able to answer every question I have had in this process without starting a new thread, so I hope this question is ok to ask here. If anyone has any suggestions or If I have made any errors or have any obvious misunderstandings please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    P.S. My System Menu is 4.2u

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    it prolly does not have the new drive chip becasue it was manufactured in 2006....

    1. use IMG burn to burn the .gcm files straight no need to convert to ISO
    2. try to update to the latest neogamma and load both the wii ISO and the gc ISO.... (look in my sig)

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    Wow, having bought the wii in march of 2010 from - Buy PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, Used, PC Games and Consoles I never would have imagined my Wii could have been manufactured in 2006. Wonderful to know.
    Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I use a mac and IMGB burn does not have a mac version. I have successfully installed it anyhow, using crossover, but crossover (which runs on WINE) doesn't allow access to the write capability of an optical drive, it can only read it via OSX, so unfortunately the best I can do is to build a disc in IMGburn and save the resulting .iso back into my mac environment and hopefully after purchasing some verbatim DVD-R discs later today, I will be able to burn the .iso that IMGburn created from the .gcm successfully. I will report back later tonight with my results.

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