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Thread: [GUIDE] Ultimate Searching Tool [Guide]

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    Lightbulb [GUIDE] Ultimate Searching Tool [Guide]

    How to use the Search Function to the Fullest!!!!

    There are many ways that you can search here @ Many User's do not know all the resources available to them via the Search Function!!! This Thread will be to enlighten ones on how to search and how to tweak the system to give you the best results for what you are looking for. If you are linked this thread it is not because we DONT like you or that we think you are lazy it is, solely for education and training.... If you master these skills then search FAIL around the forum will be a minimum.. Which means - -

    -------------SECTION 1-------------

    1. The Wonderful tool came to us when the site got it's make over. VERY VERY useful
    2. As you can see below there are screen shots of what happens when i type in "New Super Mario"
    3. I know that to a newcomer all those threads are overwhelming.
    4. If you look at the Results what do you see. [GUIDE]
    5. For all who read this THAT IS THE FIRST PLACE YOU START

    -------------SECTION 2-------------


    1. There is a wonderful little button under the live search bar. (PIC 1)
    2. Once you click on that the following will come up. (PIC 2)
    3. There you can search by Keyword / Username / Tag
    4. This is helpful because the regulars around here will tell you that there is a guide from a certain member.
    5. Oh I See ("hmmmm i want the neogamma thread by emuhack")
    6. Now put "emuhack" in the username field
    7. Look What i get!!! (PIC 3)

    PIC 1

    PIC 2

    PIC 3

    -------------SECTION 3-------------

    ~~TAG CLOUD~~:
    ohhhhhhh Whats This!!!!

    1. Click on the Advance Search button.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    3. You will See the following. (PIC 1)
    4. Click on one of the TAGS and you will be given search results of threads that have been TAGGED with that keyword.

    PIC 1

    -------------SECTION 4-------------

    Good ol' Google

    1. Google is wonderful - USE IT
    2. Wiihacks is tied into Google.
    3. Example.... Watch
    4. Go to Google (PIC 1)
    5. Type in what you want to search (i.e NSMB) (PIC 2)
    6. After you type in what you want to seach make sure you add "wiihacks" (PIC 2)
    7. AND LOOK!!!! The Guide to the Game on (PIC 2)
    8. WOOT Problem Solved!!!
    EDIT: also can word search like this ((New Super Mario

    PIC 1

    PIC 2

    -------------SECTION 5-------------

    Searching Inside Threads

    1. Many dont know about this. And many regulars are noticing that the newcomers are too lazy to search through all 500+ posts.
    2. We understand but it is still not an excuse.
    3. There is a tool above the first post that you can use to search WITHIN the thread that you are viewing. (PIC 1)
    4. Click that and then type in what you want to search (PIC 2)
    5. When you click search that tool will search within the thread and display the results. (PIC 3)
    6. Please Please use this as it will help with you finding your answer and not taking the lazy way out and asking.

    PIC 1

    PIC 2

    PIC 3
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